(forms for participation are available in Download section under “Forms” category.)

Please contact District International Service Director for any additional information about IDYE.

  1. IDYE duration will be 4 nights & 5 days. (Including days of arrival & departure). Any extension Pre or Post, will be the sole responsibility of the person and DRR or District Exchange Committee will not be responsible for any arrangements.
  2. International IDYE may have different durations depending on host club.
  3. To–and–for traveling expense has to be bared by participant.
  4. If during your IDYE, the host club has any District / International event, registration amount of that can be collected from the IDYE participant. That amount will not be covered in IDYE expense. Such participation can give the host club of that participant some extra bonus point depending on the event he/she is attending.
  5. IDYE team selection will be done (for outbound team) through district interviews.
    • Interview Fees will be as decided by the District Exchange Committee. (Non-Refundable)
    • Participants of the Local as well as International IDYE has to deposit an amount as decided by the District Exchange Committee in the district account within 7 working days of his/her selection. (Refundable only where District cancels IDYE)
    • Once selected for a particular team, time and dates of the exchange will be informed minimum 30 days in advance. No option with regards to changing dates of change in the exchange district will be allowed on any cost.
  6. Interview will be in any language, Gujarati, Hindi or English. It will cover following aspects. ( for international IDYEs and IDYEs in some Districts of south, English will be given first preference)
    • Rotaract knowledge (History + current) (Preparation source: Rotaract Handbook, District Website, Rotary International Website, etc)
    • Rotary knowledge (History + current)
    • Current political affairs
    • Geography
    • Cultural knowledge
    • General knowledge and practical applicability
  7. Interview will have followings.
    • Written exam
    • Attitude and aptitude task
    • Personal Interview
    • Group discussion
  8. Results will be declared according to the decision of the interview panel.
  9. While as inbound or outbound participant, you can not force the hosts to change the schedule which they have planned for you. (You can request)
  10. Any indiscipline during your exchange period, will be the sole responsibility of the participant. Final decision of the exchange committee will be considered unchallenged.
  11. As IDYE outbound, you have to prepare a 4 minute video / power point / flash presentation about your district.
  12. Exchange material e.g. District flags, etc will be provided to you by District Exchange committee.
  13. Team leader of the outbound IDYE team, will be responsible for all arrangements of inbound team, including their places of visits, their local inter club traveling, accommodation, safety, or any other. (if possible Team leader has to move with the team).
  14. We do not have any points system for reporting this year.
  15. In international exchanges, responsibility of Visa will be on participant himself. District will not interfere in any sense except giving you the letter of recommendations from both the Districts.
  16. If your passport gets damaged by any reason what so ever, your name will be cancelled from the IDYE and in such case 50% of the deposited amount will be returned.
  17. No Driving, Drinking, Dating and Drugging is allowed. If participant is caught in any of these, the decision of the host district will be unchallenged.
  18. IDYE participants will be eligible for District awards in various categories designed specially for IDYEs.