Types of Exchanges

  • Short Term
  • Long Term
  • NGSE

What do I get out of these Programs ?

  • A lifetime opportunity.
  • Exposure to new culture & customs.
  • Global understanding & peace.
  • Benefit to both Students & Hosts.

IYE: Inter Youth Exchange

Short Term Exchange
  • Exchange lasts for few days to several months.
  • Mostly in vacation.
  • May also attend youth camp.
  • Age group 15-19.
Long Term Exchange
  • One year program.
  • Living with Different families.
  • Attending the school.
  • Age group 15-19.

NGSE: New Generation Service Exchange

  • Usually for 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Vocation visit/work.
  • Travel in country.
  • Age group 21-30

Which countries are participating ?

  • Changes on a yearly basis

Who can Participate?

Any person aged between 21 to 30 can apply through Local Rotary club





















When can you Participate?

  • Single: Generally in May – June But it depends in convenience of Both the exchange Partners.
  • Group: Generally in June/ July – Outgoing and Dec- Jan Incoming.


Focus Area of NGSE

  • Single: Out of 6 weeks , you must spend at least 4 weeks for working as intern in your vocation and 2 weeks for Travel , Some time internship also have service element.
  • Group: Travel and visits to Important places / Industries in the cities.



How Much Will I Need to Spend?

  • Single: Airfare and personal expenses and Spending for hosting incoming student (approx INR 1.5 lakh)
  • Group: Personal expenses and Spending in hosting incoming team (approx. INR 1.5 lakh)


Selection Process

Apply through Rotary club of your area, Generally In the month of October , and selection is purely on the Basis of your merits / Personal Interview.
Selected candidates are informed by Generally December.
For Individual Selection depends on confirmation from exchange partner , so this may take long time , and informed to you when confirmed.


What Will Be My Responsibilities?

  • Ensure all rules of Rotary International are followed.
  • Be well aware about our traditions.
  • Host and ensure safety and comfort of incoming student.
  • Host the student / Team any time in next 3 years.


Why Should I Go For The Program?

  • Unique opportunity.
  • Learn about a different culture while fostering goodwill and understanding.
  • You’ll discover that the world is smaller than you once thought, and that you can gain a great deal.
  • Unique experience of being a Rotary Youth Exchange participant.