Steps for Reporting President 2022-23

Step 1: Election / Selection of President 2022-23 as per respective club process.
Step 2: Print on color letterhead Extract of Resolution / Minutes of Meeting (Board / General Meeting) in which such election took place in the presence of 2/3rd Club Board Members. (Download Format)
Step 3: Once all the necessary signatures of present board members are done on the Print as per Step 2 above, Scan the same and keep it ready for email.
Step 4: Email the President 2022-23 Details as per the Format along with a Scanned copy as per Step 3 above to:
cc to and Sponsor Club President 2021-22 & 2022-23.


Step 5: Wait for the Acknowledgement email within 72 hours. If not received within the stipulated time, contact DRRE Help Desks.